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Emma George as Ann Martin

Young Chautauqua is a free, fun, educational program for 8-18 year olds.

Our program lasts about six months. We have two, two-hour workshops per month. Participants learn how to do research, tell stories, prepare a monologue, answer questions, and perform in front of an audience. Young Chautauquans perform at Artown and other venues around the area.

All workshops are held on Thursdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at First Congregational Church, 627 Sunnyside Drive, Reno. It is very important that we begin promptly and that you are picked up on time.

Typical Workshop Agenda

·        Small group lesson (regular opportunities to speak in front of peers)

·        Mentoring by experienced, aka “Veteran” YC’s

·        Whole Group Activities

·        Clean up & Dismissal

#1: Jan. 14 – Previews and Sage Advice

Celebrate the new SSYC season by getting to know new & returning participants. Veterans explain the SSYC experience. Discussions about choosing a character and finding good research materials.

Parents are welcome to attend, listen, and ask questions. This is always true at our workshops!

 #2: Jan. 28 – Getting to Know your Character

Bring with you: Character’s name and at least 1 interesting or vital fact. We will discuss methods and locations for great sources to extend your research.

Jan. 30 – Saturday Library excursion: details coming…

 #3: February 11 – What makes a great story?

Perhaps the most critical skill you will develop this year! Learn the magic ingredients of a great story, and how to use stories to reveal a Chautauqua character.

 4: February 25 – When and Where?

Anchor your character to a time and place in history, by searching for historic events, fashions, and sayings. Who did your character work with? Who did they disagree with? What was the price of milk? How can you find out? Bring a historical prop or accessory to share!

#5: March 10 – Persuasion and Transformation Skills

How will you convince the audience that you are who you say you are? Come find out how to make a convincing transformation.

WCSD Spring break occurs:  Mar.21-April 1.


#6: April 7 – Monologue Format

Learn how to prepare your presentation from start to finish. We will also discuss other parts of your performance, such as answering questions, both as your character and as a scholar.

Two Anne Martins fight for women’s right to vote!


#7: April 21 – Timeline of Your Character’s life

Bring two timelines to this workshop: your character’s life, and world events during the same time period. You will learn how to connect these two timelines to understand how your character fits in. We will also discuss how this helps plan your monologue.


#8: May 5 – Performance Skills

Now that you know what to say, and you have collected an abundance of stories, let’s tighten up your performance skills. We’ll work on voice, movement, prop use, and interacting effectively with audiences.

#9: May 19 – Round Robin performances

Come in costume and practice your monologue in front of many small audiences. Ask for last minute advice to improve your performance.

May 25-May 26 Dress Rehearsals

All YCs will perform a 5-minute version of their monologues and receive oodles of useful feedback. We need as many audience members as possible for these nights. These performances will determine the Artown lineups.


July – Artown!

·        History Potluck Picnic: Night of the Living Dead

·        SSYC Artown performances


Silver State Young Chautauqua is a 501(c)(3) education organization. Contributions and donations to SSYC are tax deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.



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