2014 Character Suggestions

Nevada Character List - "Home Means Nevada to Me"

 Mary McNair Mathews Single mother on the Comstock, successful businesswoman, wrote “Ten Years in Nevada.” 1834-1903
 Sarah Royce Traveled the California trail from Iowa to California with husband and baby. wrote “Pilgrimage Diary,” about their experiences on the trail.
 Mary Ann Hafen  

1854-1946 Swiss-American Mormon Pioneer. Raised 7 children with few resources in the Nevada desert.

 Virginia Reed Murphy12 year old member of the Donner Party
 Olephia King 

1905-1988 Cowgirl & Poet

 Jean McElrath 

Although stricken with arthritis from a young age, she became a journalist and Nevada historian, working from a newsroom arranged around her bed. Well-known for recording the history of Wells, NV. Her articles were published nationally.  1917-1967

 Molly Flagg Knudtsen 

NY rich girl, turned NV rancher. Later, first woman on Nevada Board of Regents. Amateur archeologist.

 Idah Meacham Strobridge prospector, author, bookbinder 1855-1998
 Nell Murbarger  roving reporter of the desert 1909-1991
 Imogene “Jean” (Young) Ford 

activist, state politician, founder of Nevada Women’s History Project & Women Studies dept (at UNR).1929-1998

 Joanne de Longchamps  Nevada poet 1923-1983
 Anne Ellis wrote stories of working class people in mining towns, “Life of an Ordinary Woman.” 1875-1938
Charley Parkhurst
Wells-Fargo stagecoach driver who lived most of her life as a man. 1812-1879
Jedediah S. Smith Explorer
Peter Skene Ogden Fur Trader, Explorer
Zenas Leonard Mountain man, explorer, trader
John C Fremont The Pathfinder of the West
Joseph C. Ives Soldier, botanist, explorer of the Colorado River in 1858
James H. Simpson An officer in the U.S. Army and a member of the United States Topographical Engineers
George M. Wheeler was a pioneering explorer and cartographer, leader of the Wheeler Survey, one of the major surveys of the western United States in the late nineteenth century
Virginia Reed Murphey Young girlin the Donner Party
Quinn Thornton Oregon Settler who crossed Nevada
Sarah Royce Crossed Nevada in 1849
Addison Pratt Mormon Settler in Nevada, discovered gold
William Lewis Manley was an American pioneer of the mid-19th century. He was first a fur hunter, a guide of Westward bound caravans, a seeker of gold, then a farmer and writer in his later years.
Sarah Winnemucca was a prominent female Native American activist and educator, and an influential figure in the United States' nineteenth-century Indian policies
Jack Wilson "Wovoka" was the Northern Paiute religious leader who founded the Ghost Dance movement.
Dan De Quille was an American author, journalist
Mark Twain was an American author, journalist
Alfred Doten Miner turned journalist
Mary McNair Matthewa was a Nevada historian.
Sam Davis was the owner and editor of the Carson daily appeal (Carson City, Nev.) and Nevada state controller.
Fred H. Hart Fred H. Hart is an excellent but lesser-known practitioner of the western journalistic tradition of the humorous literary hoax perfected by Dan De Quille and Mark Twain. - See more at: http://www.onlinenevada.org/articles/fred-hart#sthash.95jKZYU5.dpuf
Mrs Hugh Brown Nevada Author
Nell Murbarger writer of  iconic stories of western ghost towns and their personalities 
Lucius Beebe was an American author, gourmand, photographer, railroad historian, journalist,
Howard R.Egan Pioneer, explorer
Sarah E. Olds Nevada Homesteader
Will James Artist and Writer
Wallace Stegner The Dean of Western Writers
Molly Flagg Knudtsen Cattle rancher, author, educator
Jean McElrath author, poet, columnist, feature writer, historian and journalist
Dennis Parks Author
Carolyn Dufurrena rancher, writer, and educator in northwestern Nevada.
Sophie Sheppard Artist, teacher
Gregory Martin Author
Jack London Author
Leslie Curtis Author
Walter Van Tilburg Clark American novelist, short story writer, and educator
Cornelius Vanderbilt Jr. newspaper publisher
Hunter S. Thompson Author
Susan Berman Author, daughter of mob figure
A. Wilber Stevens Teacher and Poet
Eva Bertrand Adams director of US Mint, lived in mining camps
Edith Naomi (Bremenkampf) Bernard Wife, Mother, Teacher, Nevada State Prison Women’s Matron
Alison (Eilley) Oram Bowers mining (mine owner), business (boarding house, resort owner), seeress
Thelma Davis Calhoun politics, civic leader, painter, wife, mother, grandmother 
Hannah Keziah Clapp Organized first private school in Nevada; first instructor and librarian at new University of Nevada; co-founder of Nevada’s first kindergarten; activist and feminist in education and women’s issues; co-founder of Reno’s Twentieth Century Club.
Mary Stoddard Doten  wife, mother, writer (journalist and poet), suffragist
Lubertha Miller Johnson medicine (nurse), social welfare (poverty program administrator), civil rights (NAACP)
Velma Bronn Johnston a.k.a. "Wild Horse Annie"  Secretary, rancher, wild horse advocate, and activist
Lillian Malcolm Miner
Emma Wixom Nevada Coloratura Soprano, Opera Singer 
Kathryn L. Marbaker Tubb Hotel cook, poker player, expert markswoman, wife, mother
Henry Comstock Trapper, Miner
Myron Lake Reno Founding father
Jane Lake Reno founding mother
Adolf Sutro Built Sutro Tunnel
Theodore Judah Surveyed the Transcontinental Railway Route across the Sierra
Kit Carson Explorer
Liberace (Wladziu Valentino Liberace) Entertainer
Thelma Pat Nixon, First Lady
Hank Monk Stagecoach Driver
Joseph Walker Explorer, Wagon train guide
Brigham Young Mormon Leader
Abraham Lincoln US President when Nevada added to Union
Chief Winnemucca Chief of Piute Tribe
William Lear Aviation Pioneer
John W. Mackay One of the "Big Four of the Comstock Lode"
Barbara Vucanovich the first woman to represent Nevada in the United States House of Representatives
Edna Purviance American actress -  Charlie Chaplin's girl
James E. Casey Founded UPS
Edward teller "the father of the hydrogen bomb"
Albert A. Michelson First Nobel Lauriate from Nevada
Death Valley Scotty Death Valley Character
Snowshoe Thompson Carried mail acrossthe Sierra in Winter
Col. John Reese Mormon leader of the settlement in Carson Valley
Benjamin Palmer First Black Man in Nevada
Major William M. Ormsby an early settler of Nevada who was instrumental in the establishment of Carson City and the Nevada Territory
Shoshone Mike

Robert Laxalt
Leader of Indians in the "last massacre"

Basque Writer from Nevada